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Date: 14th October 2016
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Annuals; stems branching from the base, supine, light brown, long up to about 1 m; all are silk-like soft hair. Double pinnate alternate, 1.5-5 cm long; leaflets 6-14, opposite, oblong, 6-15 mm, 2-5 mm wide, apex acute or obtuse, base slightly oblique, nearly circular, entire. Flowers small, yellow, solitary and axillary; pedicels short; sepals 5, persistent; petals 5; stamens 10, raw disk base, base scaly glands. Fruit 5 mericarps, each fruit valve with thorns length and 1 pair; on the back of short bristles and tubercles. Distribution throughout the country, north of the Yangtze River the most common; the world's temperate regions have. Multi-born hillocks, Tanabe and field, often weed; fruit used as medicine, with scattered wind, Pinggan, eyesight effect, Spear leaves can cure skin pruritus; seed oil extraction; bark fiber for papermaking.Product Name:Tribulus Terrestris P.E.Latin Name:Tribulus Terrestris L.Active Ingredients:SaponinsPart Used:Dried FruitAppearance:Brown Yellow PowderSpecification:10:1Packaging Details:1 Aluminmum Foil Bag/25 Kgs DrumShelf Life:Two years when Properly StoredStorage:Store in cool and dry places.Please Keep away from strong lightITEMSPECIFICATIONDescription:AppearanceBrown Yellow Powder ?OdorCharacteristicParticle size100% pass through 60-100 mesh sieveBulk Density45.0g/100mL~65.0 g/100mIdentification:Color ReactionPositive ReactionTests:Loss on drying(5h at 105?)?5.0%Ash(3h at 600?)?5.0%Heavy ? metals(as Pb)?10ppmArsenic(as AS2O3)?1ppmAssay:Tribulus Terrestris P.E.10:1Microbial:Total ? bacterial counMax.1000cfu/gYeast & MouldMax.100cfu /gEscherichia coli presenceNegativeSalmonellaNegative1.Tribulus Terrestris P.E. can blood pressure2. Tribulus Terrestris P.E have effect on the heart3. Tribulus Terrestris P.E. have anti-atherogenic effect4. Tribulus Terrestris P.E. have diuretic effect5. Tribulus Terrestris P.E.have anti-aging effects and strong action6. Tribulus Terrestris P.E. can enhance sexual function7.Tribulus Terrestris P.E. can smooth muscleHealth care products, pharmaceuticals
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